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Awards for Excellence

Words from the Editor

    The Muslim News, the largest independent Muslim newspaper in Britain, is proud to launch its twelfth ‘Awards for Excellence’ event to recognise achievement and promote excellence within the UK Muslim community.

    Muslims in Britain are a remarkable group of people. We represent many - if not most - of the world's cultures. Yet we are also united by common values, a shared history and the legacy of a rich and colourful heritage. This heritage has been evolving and is developing into a distinctly British Islam.

    When the first issue of The Muslim News rolled off the presses, one of our main aims was to strengthen communication among ourselves, and with the wider world. We wanted to provide a vehicle through which Britain's Muslims could share their experiences, and convey the excitement, challenges, and disappointments that come as a new community carves out its place in society.

    It has been 24 years since then. And there is much to report. If I were asked to pick out the two most positive developments from the past decade, they would be: a heightened awareness of a faith-based identity and the emergence of role models.

    The Awards for Excellence have been designed to celebrate both of these achievements, but also to take them further. But for this to happen, we need your help.

    This year, our independent panel of judges chose 15 men and women who will be tomorrow’s role models. These unsung heroes and heroines emerged from nominations sent by you, our readers.

    Once again, we'd like you to nominate an individual, a project or an initiative that you think deserves recognition and can serve as an example to us all. Please complete this form, and forward your nominations to us.

    This year’s awards were a huge success. The nominations received were of the highest quality. And the event is firmly established on the national Muslim calendar. I’m sure that next year's awards will be no less successful. I look forward to another year in which Britain's Muslim community goes from strength to strength.

    Ahmed J Versi, Editor


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