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Inquiry snub 'baffles' top Muslim



A leading Muslim has said he is "baffled" at the decision not to hold a public inquiry into the July 7 terror attacks.

Sir Iqbal Sacranie, who recently stepped down as head of the Muslim Council of Britain, described as "unhelpful" recent comments by Tony Blair that the community needed to do more to root out extremism.

He said an inquiry would help to end the speculation and "blame game" which continue 12 months after the devastating bombings.

Sir Iqbal said: "We are baffled why the Prime Minister is refusing the obvious."

He added: "In 12 months since this tragedy, what is a real great sadness is that we still do not know or are aware of the full facts of the tragedy - what caused it, how it was caused, and why it was caused.

"There was so much speculation from day one and there is so much of the blame game being played.

"We are on the verge of losing the real information which is desperately needed that would not only get us proper information about this tragedy but also how it could be prevented in the future.

"It is precisely for that reason that we believe that now it is absolutely imperative that a public inquiry should take place."

Asked about Mr Blair's comments, he said: "They were unhelpful. He has been ill-advised about the work that is being carried out. They were disappointing because it doesn't reflect what wonderful work is taking place."

Sir Iqbal added: "It doesn't help to try to apportion the blame, to pass the buck to the community and somehow try this mass medication of the community - treating the whole Muslim community. We need to treat the element within the community."

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