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Ramadan messagef from First Minister of Scotland, Rt Hon Alex Salmond, MSP


First Minister of Scotland, Rt Hon Alex Salmond, MSP:

On behalf of the Scottish Government and the people of Scotland, I would like to wish all Muslim communities in Scotland and beyond, Ramadan Mubarak.

The ninth month of the Islamic Lunar calendar and this great religious observance in Islam is intended to teach patience, humility, and spirituality. This month of fasting - from sunrise to sunset each day - and spiritual reflection, also places a particular focus on family and charity, reminding Muslims to consider those less fortunate.

It is an example we can all follow. This Government values the positive influence Muslims have on our communities, and the rich tartan tapestry of all of our faiths add to our strength as One Scotland with many cultures.

May your Ramadan bring peace and blessings.

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