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Iraq: Iran has "inalienable right" to obtain nuclear power


BAGHDAD, (Xinhua): Iran's chief negotiator Saeed Jalili said Thursday that his country has "inalienable right" to obtain nuclear energy and uranium enrichment.

"We emphasized that having peaceful nuclear energy, especially uranium enrichment, is our people's inalienable right," Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary Saeed Jalili said at a joint press conference with European Union's foreign policy chief Catherin Ashton after intensified negotiations in Baghdad with the major world six powers.

Jalili also stressed that all signatories to the nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT) have the right to enrichment.

"Uranium enrichment is among the inalienable rights of all NPT member states and Iran insists on using this right," Jalili said.

During the past two days, representatives of Iran and the UN Security Council's five permanent members (the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China) plus Germany, known as P5+1, as well as the EU, held their tough negotiations aiming at defusing the long-running escalating crisis over Tehran's nuclear program.

The UN has by now imposed several rounds of sanctions against Tehran for its refusal to halt uranium enrichment, a technology that can be used to produce nuclear fuel or materials for bombs.

The EU, the United States and some other countries have imposed oil embargo as part of their sanctions to pressure Tehran into resuming talks on the country's nuclear program. They have also imposed tough banking sanctions aimed at limiting Iran's ability to sell oil, which accounts for 80 percent of its foreign revenues.

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