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In Conversation With ….Husayn Rosowsky member of Team GB Olympic fencing team


London, (The Muslim News):

Born to an English/Ukrainian father and an Egyptian mother, raised in Sheffield, home city of snooker, nothing about Husayn Rosowsky’s background hints at a future as a British fencing Olympian.

But come July 31 the 21-year-old will join his foil teammates Richard Kruse and James Davis and try to do something not done since 1964 by winning Britain a fencing Olympic medal.

Husayn has had a very successful fencing career so far, most recently achieving silver at the British Senior Championships in 2011 and frequently winning medals in international tournaments.

With just ten days before the Games start an elated Rosowsky told The Muslim News about his preparation for the Games and the sport he adores.

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