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Syria: Former Al-Akhbar journalist kidnapped



Former Al-Akhbar journalist Fidaa Itani has been kidnapped by Syrian rebels, the Azaz Rebels Facebook page stated on Saturday.

Itani currently works for LBC international, and reports for several other media outlets in Syria. The Facebook page declared his work "incompatible with the course of the revolution" in Syria and called his capture a house arrest that would last a short period pending his release of certain "statements."

Azaz is situated 30 kilometers from Aleppo, near a Turkish-Syrian border post controlled by rebels.

Itani was reportedly with a group of rebel fighters in Aleppo when he raised suspicion about some video recordings he was collecting.

However, the rebel group has said evidence thus far collected does not point to any kind of "collusion" with the Syrian government which they are seeking to topple.

The rebel group kidnapped 11 Lebanese pilgrims in Azaz this May. They were en route to Lebanon from Shia holy sites in Iran. Two of the captives have since been released.

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