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Pakistan: Quetta Shi'a sit-in concludes; protesters prepare to bury dead


QUETTA, (Dawn): Thousands from the Hazara Shia community ended a nearly four-day protest Monday and prepared to bury their loved ones who were killed in Thursday’s bombings.

The community ended the protest after the Qaumi Yakjehti Council (QYC) announced to conclude the sit-in on Alamdar Road.

A leader of the QYC told DawnNews that since the government had agreed to accept the demands of the protesters, the council had decided to end the sit-in.

“The protest has been called off, burials will be after Zuhr (afternoon) prayers,” Shia leader Sadat Ali Khan announced at the protest.

An AFP photographer said families had started to take to a local mosque bodies of loved ones killed in the Thursday bombings.

Furthermore, the Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) also ended its hunger strike which it had been holding in front of the office of Inspector General (IG) Balochistan Police in Quetta.

Thousands of Hazara Shias had been staging a sit-in in freezing cold on Alamdar Road along with the bodies of dozens of people killed in bombings in Quetta on Thursday.

The sit-in concluded hours after Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf announced that the provincial government was being dismissed forthwith and governor’s rule was being imposed in the whole of Balochistan.

“After holding consultations with all the stakeholders, we have decided to invoke Article 234 of the Constitution. Governor’s rule is being imposed in the province and the provincial government is being dismissed,” the premier had announced in front of the Hazara representatives

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