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India: Iftikhar Geelani, family detained


New Delhi: Senior Kashmiri journalist Iftikhar Geelani, who works for Mumbai-based newspaper DNA, was put under house arrest along with his wife and two teenage children in their Khirki extension house in South Delhi on Saturday.

The Delhi Police personnel in plainclothes swarmed the Khirki extension colony in the morning. Iftikhar and his family members were released by the police late in the afternoon after persistent efforts by various journalistic bodies and his colleagues in the DNA.

Talking to Greater Kashmir, Iftikhar Geelani said that he was stopped by two policemen in civilian clothes when he was about to board his car in the morning to go to his office. “They asked me about the residence of (Syed Ali Shah) Geelani Sahab and I showed them the direction. However they insisted that I should accompany them to his house and reaching there I was informed that I cannot leave,” he said.

Iftikhar and Syed Ali Shah Geelani live in adjacent houses in the colony.

Iftikhar’s insistence that he had nothing to do with Geelani senior and that he should be allowed to go to his office did not cut any ice with the policemen who, he said, behaved arrogantly with him.

Later reaching his house, Iftikhar found that policemen in plain clothes were all over his place and his teenage son and daughter had been locked in a room. “It was only after I reached there that the policemen released my children,” he said.

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