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Iraq: 9 killed, 31 wounded in car bombs in Kirkuk


KIRKUK, (Xinhua): A total of nine people were killed and 31 wounded in three car bomb explosions in Iraq's northern province of Kirkuk on Wednesday, a provincial police source told Xinhua.

One of the attacks occurred in central the city of Kirkuk, some 250 km north of Baghdad, and the second car bombing ripped through the city of Hawija, some 50 km southwest of Kirkuk, while the third went off near the office of a Kurdish party in a village, just south of Kirkuk, the source said on condition of anonymity.

"Our latest report said that a total of nine people were killed and 31 wounded by the blasts," the source said.

Earlier, the source put the toll at five killed and 20 wounded by the blasts.

The ethnically mix province of Kirkuk and its capital Kirkuk city are part of the disputed areas between the Kurds and both Arabs and Turkomans.

Violence and sporadic high-profile bomb attacks are still common in the Iraqi cities despite the dramatic decrease in violence since its peak in 2006 and 2007, when the country was engulfed in sectarian killings.

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