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December 18, 1998

Iraq bombed because Muslim blood is cheap.

The bombing against Iraq should be seen as a reaction to President Clinton's impotence against Israel's insolence (as Israel had rebuffed Clinton during his visit there early this week) and to postpone impeachment proceedings against him, argues next week's issue of The Muslim News. "What better way to do it than spill some Muslim blood. And what better partner in crime than Britain, which is supposed to have an 'ethical' foreign policy," says the Editorial. Over 300,000 were killed during the last Gulf War by "precision" bombing. Many Muslim civilians are expected to be killed by the current bombings. The accuracy of "precision" bombings is suspect. "The 'updated' and 'accurate' version of the Tomahawk missile was fired at Iraq and landed in Khoramshahr in Iran," says the paper. Even a briefing meeting organised by the Home Secretary Jack Straw for the Muslim media yesterday afternoon did not allay the concern in the Muslim community that the bombing of Iraq was not thought through properly. Mr Straw was evasive on questions such as: why UN Security Council permission was not taken; how can the Government claim that the bombing was not against the people of Iraq when most of the casualties would be innocent civilians; how can they bomb the hidden chemical and biological weapons when they do not know where they are; and even if they did succeed in hitting the targets, the poisonous gas thus released would kill untold number of civilians. All Muslim organisations have condemned the bombings. "The attack is a panic reaction by a besieged president, totally irresponsible and the work of a leader bent on saving his presidency," said Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, Leader of the Muslim Parliament. A spokesman of Muslim Solidarity Committee said it will be civilians who will be the victims of the bombings: "Several times more Iraqi civilians were killed by the sanctions and lack of food and medicine, then by the Allied bombings in the Gulf War and in subsequent air strikes, and so again innocent Iraqi civilians will be the main victims of this aggressive campaign."

Exams for Muslim pupils on 'id day

The Muslim News reports that Muslim students of Watford Grammar School for boys are to boycott an internal maths examination which has been scheduled to take place on 'id day next month. "The students were furious when they found out that the examination set by the school itself, could not be rescheduled.

The pupils have also found that they may have to take an external A-Level physics PH3 on 'id day. The examining body, Edexcel says that the school should reschedule the exam day. But the school refused to comment on the situation. The DFEE also refused to comment. Watford Grammar is a grant maintained school and DFEE is responsible for the school. Akram Khan-Cheema, an Education Consultant, said: "In a multi-faith society like ours, this kind of thing should not be occurring. Forced decisions should never be imposed on pupils in such a society." The Muslim News was established in February 1989 with a circulation of over 60,000. It is published in English to cater for the diverse Muslim community of the second and third generation. It reports on and reflects issues concerning the British Muslim community.

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