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August 26, 2001

In whose interests is the Terrorism Act framed, asks The Muslim News

“Is Britain becoming an Israeli colony?” asks The Muslim News in its latest editorial, which questions in whose interests the new Terrorism Act was framed. The monthly also castigates Muslim representatives for their failure in challenging the Government over the Act’s use in targeting Muslim leaders.
The editorial relates to a recent incident, when a Muslim leader was questioned by Special Branch about his activities after returning from a visit to Pakistan. “What appears to be more than a coincidence, he has been actively involved in exposing the injustices and atrocities committed by Israel,” it said. “Such activities are not against the law, or is being a politically-conscious Muslim a covert target for the British authorities,” the paper suggested.
The Muslim News repeated its previous warning that the amended Terrorism Act is “specifically aimed at the Muslim community in answering to Israeli lobbying.” As such, it suggested that similar incidents were only likely to increase unless there is much more effective challenge made to officials and ministers by Muslim leaders.

First British team to compete in Muslim Women’s international games

The third Islamic Countries Women’s Games, being held in Tehran in October, is to feature a British team, the first ever from the West, reports The Muslim News, which helped to organise the selection process.
Some 70 young Muslim women participated in a qualifying games, at a Sports Centre in Aldenham, Hertfordshire on August 5. But due to a lack of time to prepare the budding athletes to meet international standards, it was decided that Britain’s team would consist of players only in Badminton and Futsal (5-a-side football). Participants also took part in other disciplines, such as Basketball, Table Tennis, Swimming, Fencing, Shooting, Taekwendo, Tennis and a selection of track events.
The Muslim News said it found that the Games “highlighted the lack of sensitivity to the concerns of women with an enthusiasm for sport by mainstream providers. Many athletes spoke of “their unease at playing in local clubs and leagues because of problems over dress or the yobbish behaviour of non-Muslim team mates.” The paper suggested that there was also apathy and ambivalence to women’s participation in sports by the Muslim community itself.

Muslim leaders discuss rationale behind recent disturbances

In its August edition, The Muslim News also reports on a one-day conference in Manchester, organised by the Muslim Council of Britain, to examine the underlying roots of the recent disturbances in several northern English cities. The conference, which was ignored by the mainstream press, included such speakers as the Government’s Chief Whip Tony Lloyd, Labour National Executive Council member Shahid Malik and other Muslim leaders and police chiefs. DETR Minister Sally Keeble was also briefly in attendance.
In its Fifth Column, The Muslim News said it had learnt that the
MCB was forced to change the venue for its major conference from Oldham to Manchester. After Oldham Police said they would not be able to provide adequate protection, the MCB had to agree because a Home Office Minister would otherwise be unable to attend, it said. In the eventuality, only Keeble and Lloyd attended.

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