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September 26, 2001

Prince Charles to visit mosque

Prince Charles will visit a mosque this Friday, reports The Muslim News. "The visit is to reach out to the British Muslims at the time when the Muslim community is facing a backlash in the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York," says Editor of The Muslim News.
The Prince of Wales will visit Suleymaniye Mosque on Kingsland Road in East London at 4.30 pm on Friday.
Last week Lib Deb Leader Charles Kennedy and SNP Leader John Sweeney visited mosques in support of the Muslim community.
Meanwhile the Prime Minister has invited a fifteen person Muslim delegation to Downing Street on Thursday afternoon to discuss the latest developments regarding the crisis. The Muslim leaders will brief Tony Blair about the backlash against the Muslim community and will tell the Prime Minister about their concerns about the bombing of Afghanistan without concrete proof.
The meeting was first believed to have been with interfaith leaders but this has been postponed for next week.
Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey postponed his visit to London's Central Mosque on Thursday to next week after the interfaith meeting with the Prime Minister was postponed, reports The Muslim News.

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