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April 22, 2002

Sharon must be indicted, says The Muslim News

The Muslim News is challenging Prime Minister Tony Blair to prove the West’s commitment to justice and democratic values by bring Israel to heel over its latest atrocities against the Palestinians and by putting Ariel Sharon on trial for war crimes.
“It is to our discredit that Britain was the most spineless of all - where is the commitment to ethics,” the monthly says in reference to the refusal by western countries to intervene against Israel’s defiance of international and humanitarian laws. Blair’s double standards extended to “refusing to impose an arms embargo even though it has been confirmed UK arms have been and are used in the Occupied Territories in defiance of a written Israeli guarantee.”
In its latest editorial, published on April 26, The Muslim News charts the West’s response to the Israeli re-invasion of Palestinian town in the West Bank that culminated in the yet to be told massacres in Jenin refugee camp. “The barbaric acts committed by Israel in defiance of world condemnation is unprecedented,” it said. “But, incomprehensibly, both President Bush and Prime Minister Blair apparently seem more concerned about creating the right level of support for an attack on Iraq more fierce than that in 1991 when they dropped 88,500 tons of high explosives.”
“How do these leaders get away with the obvious double-standards which allows Israel to not only flout UN resolutions and International Law, but also commit more war crimes, whilst other countries are denounced and attacked for less?” the monthly asked. “It would seem that crime is only crime when it is committed against Western interests but not otherwise. If this is not the case, prove it, Mr Blair, by helping us to buy Sharon a one-way ticket to The Hague,” it said.

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