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August 27, 2003

‘Prisoner of the West’ campaign launched


A campaign to highlight the plight of Muslim captives held illegally in the West is being launched this week with a special supplement in the latest edition of The Muslim News.

A group of Muslims are starting the ‘The Prisoner of the West’ campaign by focusing on the more than 660 Muslims detained without charge or trial by the US at its naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

“We want to put a human face on the detainees, who have no identity other than being labelled by the West as ‘the most dangerous terrorists in the world’,” spokesperson of the campaign, Shaz Manir, told The Muslim News. “We all have a voice and we should use that voice to stand up for justice,” she said.

The campaign is working with family members of the captives being held outside US jurisdiction at Camp X-Ray and has so far identified over 400 of those being held in cages at the naval base.

A website is being established to promote the campaign. Doctors from around the world are also ‘adopting a prisoner’ to monitor the mental and physical health of the captives, who have no access to their families or legal representation.

The campaign is to be extended to all Muslims imprisoned elsewhere around the world, including in Britain, who are being held without the due process of law.

For further information contact us on 020 8863 8586 or 077 68 241 325. Please acknowledge The Muslim News when using the press release

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