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May 27, 2004

Muslim teenager hospitalised after racist assault

A Muslim teenager was hospitalized after he and his younger brother were brutally attacked by over 30 white men last Friday night, reports The Muslim News.

Shahid Khan, 18, Zahid Khan, 16, and Sam Sananthadaker, 16, had just stopped in Wrose Road, in Shipway, West Yorkshire, to collect a delivery from Wrose Balti, when Shahid was set upon by over 30 white skin heads as he got out to go to the shop. In an unprovoked attack, he was repeatedly hit over the head and face by the mob using baseball bat and snooker cues. He fell down unconscious and was bleeding profusely, but they all continued to beat and kick him.

His brother, Zahid, who was in the car, got out to help him, when he saw him fall on the ground. “I was also hit by the baseball bat and smashed with the car door. I managed to get up and run into the Wrose Balti shop to get help. When I returned with some help, the whites all ran away. I looked at my brother. He was drowned by his blood. I thought he was dead. I knelt down and saw he was still alive. His jaw and cheekbones were shattered, he was unconscious.”

Sam, also in the car, came out and helped to move Shahid into a recovery position to prevent blood from chocking him. “I tried to stop bleeding using my jacket. Shahid’s parents arrived and they were hysterical when they saw Shahid in a pool of blood. The police arrived and, instead of giving first aid to Shahid, told his parents to shut up or they would arrest them. The police did not help Shahid at all.”

Sam told The Muslim News: “I was in a shock. I didn’t know what to do when I saw Shahid being beaten up. They were shouting, “Kill the wogs.” We know some of them. They beat Shahid a week before and that incident was recorded on CCTV. The police didn’t do anything then.”

None of the family members have had much sleep since the attack. “We are frightened to go to sleep. What if they come and attack us too,” Zahid told The Muslim News.
Shahid is undergoing surgery. His face was damaged so much that neither his brother, Zahid, nor his parents could recognise him. “His face was crushed. The hospital have put metal pieces to hold his face. His nose is shattered, there was a hole in his face,” Zahid said when describing the injuries of Shahid.

A spokeswoman from Bradford police told The Muslim News that this was “a very nasty assault and we are taking this investigation extremely seriously.” She said that a 29 year-old man was arrested yesterday morning and is currently on police bail pending further enquiries. They are anticipating further arrests.

The spokesperson did not respond to the accusations that the police did not help the victim. She said: “When officers attended this incident they were met by some considerable confusion from potential witnesses at the scene and had to take control of the situation. Officers then secured the scene and obtained details from possible witnesses.”

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