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November 04, 2004

US should accept the right of other countries to select leaders, says The Muslim News

The Muslim News Thursday called on the US to accept the right of other countries to select their own leader following the re-election of President George W Bush.

“Even though most of the world were opposed to President Bush being given a second term, the decision by nearly 60 million Americans has to be respected,” said the paper’s editor Ahmed Versi. “As the voice of the American people, the US Administration should also respect the same right of other countries to select their leaders and drop the Bush doctrine of ‘regime change’ through pre-emptive military action,” he said.

The Muslim News expressed alarm that the world has never before being so divided. Versi expressed hope that following his re-election, Bush would alter some of the excesses of his foreign policy. “Many people, especially Muslims, have been unwitting victims of the belligerence of the White House used under the guise of the war on terrorism,” he said.

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