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July 10, 2005

Four mosques attacked

Four mosques have been targetted since the terrorist bombings in London on Thursday, reports The Muslim News exclusively.

A petrol bomb was thrown at Al Madina Jamia Mosque in Leeds at 2 am on Friday. There was no major damage as the fire brigade arrived quickly to put out the flames. No one was injured. The Imam of the Mosque, Maulana Alamdin Noshee, told The Muslim News that the attack was "because of the London bombing. The congregation were angry at the attack when they were informed during Friday prayers that day."

Mazhirul Uloom London, Educationa and Cultural Institution, in Mile End, East London, had its five windows smashed on Saturdau early morning. "I pray in this beautiful mosque. I was angry when I saw the windows were broken. Why should anyone want to do this to a place of worship?," Omar, 18, told The Muslim News.

Two mosques were attacked in Bristol. One, in Totterdown area, had stones thrown at it on Friday night, but no damage was done. The other mosque, which is purpose built, but in a secluded area in Easton, was attacked on Saturday morning at 3 am. Six to seven windows were broken when stones were thrown at the mosque. No one was hurt at any of the mosques. They have no CCTV.

"We are concerned for the community and we are working closely with the police," Farooq Siddique, Community Development Officer, Bristol Muslim Culture Society, told The Muslim News. He added that community relations in Bristol were good and was "surprised" that the attacks took place and hope this was "an isolated incident" and is appealing to the Muslim community to "remain calm". There are 30,000 Muslims of diverse ethnic background in the city.

In addition to the attacks in mosque in Bristol, an anti-Muslim graffiti, "Muslims out" was plastered on High Street in Hanham area.

The Muslim News has received reports of abuse against Muslim women in London and Bristol but have not yet been able to verify them.

The Muslim News is receiving a large number of abusive and hate emails. However, the paper is also receiving messages of support from the non-Muslim community.

For further information contact us on 020 8863 8586 or 077 68 241 325. Please acknowledge The Muslim News when using the press release

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