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November 10, 2005

Khan praised on his stand against 90-day detentions

Human right lawyer Sadiq Khan was the only Muslim MP prepared to defy Government whips and vote against the British Government’s attempt on Wednesday to extend the pre-charge detention of terrorist suspects from two weeks to three months.

The MP for Tooting, south London, also helped to limit the extension to 28 days, by being the only Muslim member of the House of Commons to vote for the subsequent amendment.

The other three Muslim Labour MPs, Mohammed Sarwar, Khalid Mahmood and Shahid Malik, cast their votes in favour of the Government’s failed attempt for 90 days and against limiting the extension.

The Muslim community has hailed the position taken by those MPs who voted against the 90 days. Labour Muslim MP, Sadiq Khan, who was elected in May, has been especially praised for defying the Whip.

Spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, Sher Khan, told The Muslim News: “The MPs that stood their ground against the Government showed the fact that they were in tune with the grass root opinion, both of the Muslim and wider communities and we commend them for their principled stand. The popularity and credibility of Sadiq Khan will increase in the Muslim community for having voted against the Government on matter of principle.”

Central President of Islamic Forum Europe, Musleh Faradhi, said, "Members of Parliament made the right decision by rejecting the 90-day pre-charge detention proposal. We applaud in particular the courage of the 49 Labour MPs, who included ex-cabinet members as well as newly appointed members of Parliament such as Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting."

"It is a great shame that three Muslim Labour MPs failed to acknowledge the concerns of not only Muslim but also civil rights organisations regarding the 90-day detention without trial and sided with Tony Blair. Mohammad Sarwar, Khalid Mahmood and Shahid Malik have a lot to answer for; they have let down and lost the confidence of not just the Muslim community but all freedom-loving people in Britain," stressed Faradhi.

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