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November 22, 2005

Muslim working parties challenge Straw on foreign policy

The convenors and deputy convenors of working groups, set up by the Government, are holding a meeting with Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, this afternoon to challenge him over some of the excesses and imbalance in British foreign policies, The Muslim News has exclusively learnt.

The Muslim groups on preventing extremism are also expressing their deep satisfaction at the Government’s selective response to the recommendations issued in their final report to the Home Office on November 10.

Among the main recommendation, ministers were advised that: “Most if not all the strands see that the solutions lie in the medium and longer term issues of tackling inequality, discrimination, deprivation and inconsistent Government policy.” But British foreign policy was said to be a “key” contributory factory, especially in the Middle East where it said it “cannot be left unconsidered as a factor in the motivations of criminal extremists.”

The Muslim News also learnt that the working party convenors would also be seeking Straw’s support in calling for a fully independent judicial inquiry into July’s London bombing. “The inquiry will be instrumental in understanding and learning from what has happened in order to prevent its reoccurrence,” their report warned.

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