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June 28, 2006

Bolton terror raid followed fraud investigation

Two people arrested under terrorist legislation in Bolton on Tuesday had been under police surveillance for unrelated fraudulent activities with a tourist company, The Muslim News has exclusively learnt.

Following a meeting with the police, Muslim community leaders said they were told that it was only by chance that they stumbled upon alleged ‘extremist’ material during their investigations. Unlike the bungled raid at Forest Gate earlier this month, the operation was said to have been “evidence not intelligence based” and came from local officers not special branch..

The arrests were linked with police raid on eight addresses in Bolton, including six houses and two business premises. "Today's operation was to target individuals suspected of possession of information which could be used in the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism," Greater Manchester police's Acting Assistant Chief constable, David Jones, said. "This action was taken after careful consideration of a possible threat against national security," Jones was quoted saying by the Manchester Evening News reported.

It was understood that the police obtained ‘extremist’ material from personal computers. Community leaders said they were told this included “how to acquire and construct items useful for terrorism,” something about ‘beheadings’ and material relating to ‘extremist preachings.’ The police were said to be unwilling to disclose whether there was further evidence but were confident this was more than just information gathered by an individual via the internet.

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