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July 04, 2007

More balanced response to terrorism threat welcome, says The Muslim News

The Muslim News has praised the refreshing and reassuring response by new Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Government to the attempted car bombs in London and at Glasgow airport.

“The more balanced tone can only be welcomed by all communities,” said the paper’s Editor, Ahmed J Versi. “The response is strikingly different to blame game adopted by the previous Government,” he said.

In an interview on BBC One's Sunday AM, Brown was seen reaching out to win all hearts and minds rather than the distinctive value judgment rhetoric used by his predecessor in waging the so called war on terrorism.

“It was a much more refreshing and reassuring style in which he spoke for the possible need for a cold war-style propaganda campaign,” The Muslim News Editor said. “There was also no knee-jerk reaction in trying to put all the onus on Muslims and more draconian legislation rather than on all sectors of society and institutions, including the duty of government,” he said.

“In terms of the way he and his ministers, especially, Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, have responded to the crisis, we hope that it is a defining moment that helps to mark the tone of his premiership. The need to abandon ill-conceived strategies and the use of words like Islam and Islamism with terrorism and extremism, has been a rallying call of The Muslim News and the change in leadership seems to now offer this opportunity,” Versi said.

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