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November 05, 2008

The Muslim News welcomes Obama victory

The Muslim News Wednesday welcomed the landslide victory by US Democrat candidate Barack Obama, saying it looked forward to a fresh approach to American policies in the world, especially in the Middle East.

“Even though Obama portrayed the traditional American bias towards Israel, he devoted much time on peace and justice. He also talked more about reconciliation in his victory speech, when he said he was willing to work even with his enemies,” The Muslim News Editor Ahmed J Versi said.

“Domestically, he uniquely succeeded in getting people to come out to vote, including those who had never participated in the elections, especially the African Americans even though he fought the election as an American and not as a Black man,” he said.

“In making history, his main achievement was to galvanise young voters and other virgin voters (especially from the African American and Hispanic communities) who were disengaged in turning out in huge numbers,” he said.

But Versi also cautioned that Obama faces massive challenges in overcoming the financial crisis sweeping the world and disengaging America from the notorious wars fought by President George W Bush. “He said he is going to focus on Afghanistan, withdraw most of the troops from Iraq and wishes to engage with Iran, but the extent of his success will be not in his words but his actions,” Versi said. He was also concerned whether Obama will be able to achieve a fair and just policy in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “I pray and hope that Obama will bring about a change and have a fresh approach to the Palestinian crisis,” Versi said.

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