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Police presence as bomb murderer buried


By Kate O\'Hara, Crime Correspondent

Yorkshire Post:

THE FUNERAL of teenage suicide bomber Hasib Hussain was held at dusk yesterday, in a secluded corner of a West Yorkshire graveyard.

About 50 male mourners gathered around the desolate plot in silence for the ceremony, which took part in the furthest reaches of the grounds at around 4pm.

Those who watched on remembered the 18-year-old from Holbeck, who killed 13 people on July 7 when he activated his backpack bomb on a bus packed with innocent London commuters.

A total of 52 people lost their lives when Hussain and his fellow British bombers all of whom originated from West Yorkshire carried out the first suicide attacks on UK soil.

The remains of the Leeds student were carried to the grave in a black car with darkened windows.

After most of the men filed away last night, a handful of Hussain's close friends and relatives first stood, then crouched by the grave in darkness, reading prayers by the light of a solitary lamp.

As police officers patrolled the cemetery to keep away potential trouble makers, the men threw soil into the grave, finished their readings, and consoled each as they made their way back to their car.

After the last of the mourners had left, three police officers continued to patrol the graveyard, while two colleagues stationed themselves just yards from the burial site and remained there until late into the night.

Last week Shehzad Tanweer became the first of the suicide bombers to be buried when a funeral was held for him in Pakistan.

The 22-year-old from Beeston killed seven when he blew himself up on the Aldgate tube train.

The remains of ringleader Mohammad Sidique Khan, a teaching assistant from Dewsbury who killed six people, and 19-year-old bomber Jermaine Lindsay, have also been released by a London coroner. Their funerals have yet to be held.

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