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London bombings hit British views on Islam


London, IRNA:

A fifth of British people feel less positive about Islam since the London bombings, according to a poll carried out for the BBC.

When asked if they felt more or less positive towards Islam since the July bombings, 73 percent said it had made no difference to their views - but 19 percent said they now felt less positive.

Broken down by religious belief, the two groups showing the most negative feelings towards Islam were Jews and Sikhs with 51 percent of each saying they were less positive.

The poll, carried out to coincide with the BBC News 24 running a series of program for its Faith Day Monday, did not question why views had changed but previous poll have suggested that it has been affected by the media coverage of the bombings.

Asked about their knowledge of Islam, more than a third of the 1,019 respondents questioned in the survey said they had no understanding at all, this included 45 percent of Jews.

Muslims were found to be the most likely believers to attend a weekly religious service, with 38 percent saying they went to a mosque every seven days.

In contrast, only 17 percent of Christian said they regularly went to church. Jews were the least likely to attend services with just over half saying they never went to a synagogue.

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