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Muslim wins libel payout


Sky News:

A devout Muslim has accepted libel damages from a newspaper which accused him of being a fanatical al Qaeda terrorist.

Mohamed El Guerbouzi brought High Court proceedings agains the The Sun said after it wrongly claimed he was connected to the London and Madrid bombings.

The paper said Mr El Guerbouzi, who has lived in Britain for 30 years, of being on the run.

John Samson, his counsel, told Mr Justice Eady the paper named him as a major al Qaida suspect connected to the bombings in Madrid and London.

In fact, Mr El Guerbouzi, a British national of Moroccan origin, had no involvement with terrorism or bombings in London or abroad.

The stories appear in the paper in March 2004 and July this year.

Solicitor Joanna Workman said News Group Newspapers apologised to Mr El Guerbouzi and his family for the upset caused.

It withdrew the allegations and agreed not to repeat them.

It had also agreed to pay him damages and his legal costs.,,30100-13467347,00.html?f=rss

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