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Show ‘roles and responsibility for Muslims in Britain’


Friends of Al Aqsa Press Release:

A national grass roots initiative has been launched with the aim of addressing the real issues facing British Muslims and exploring their roles in modern day Britain.

The event titled ‘Roles and Responsibility for Muslims in Britain’, will begin on Saturday 13 May in Glasgow and will visit five other venues across Britain, including Bradford, London, Leicester, Walsall and Blackburn.

Unlike the government initiated road show, widely believed to be a political exercise to add pressure to Muslim communities, this tour has over 30 respected Muslim scholars, imams, academics and spokespersons committed to take part, all from a variety of backgrounds. The road show hopes to send a clear message to Muslims encouraging them to know their rights and act on them; and an additional message to the government to stop making British Muslims scapegoats for failed British foreign policy.

While the Muslim community faces increased social challenges, it now has the added burden of government applied pressure to put ‘their house’ in order.

“This evet will hopefully go towards addressing an essentially dictatorial message from the government, as it is calling for Muslims to be treated as equals with other minority groups in this country. We have a right to criticise our government without being labelled as extremists and we have as much right to champion the cause of Palestinians or Global Warming as any other British individual does,” said, Ismail Patel. “This road show will not be impeded by political interests and therefore the real issues of concern to Muslim communities can be, and will be, addressed,” he added.

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