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Kyrgystan: Situation calm in Bishkek but gunshots ring over Kyrgyzstan's south


BISHKEK/OSH, KYRGYZSTAN, (Xinhua): The situation in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek is calming down Wednesday but riots are continuing to plague the country's southern regions of Osh and Jalalabad with gunshots still being heard.

Early Wednesday in downtown Bishkek, business is gradually coming back to normal as stores, supermarkets, hotels and gas stations open their doors. Kids can be seen playing on the streets.

But compared with ordinary days, there are much fewer pedestrians and cars on the streets. Most people prefer to stay indoors for fear of any fresh riots, a driver told Xinhua reporters.

Meanwhile, in the southern city of Osh, the security situation remains tense with gunshots being frequently heard and robberies occurring from time to time. Some stores are running out of goods, and there is a severe shortage of food and drinking water supplies, according to Xinhua witnesses.

The Kyrgyz military has now taken complete control of the Osh airport, where governments of China, Russia, India and Turkey are evacuating their nationals. Armed vehicles from the Kyrgyz military provide protection to foreigners on their way to the airport to guard against attacks by mobs. A Chinese working group organizing the evacuation has been provided with some body armors by the Kyrgyz military.

Editor: Fang Yang

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