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Pakistan: Thousands attend funeral prayers of suicide blast victims


Rawalpindi, (The News): Collective funeral prayers of 16 mourners who were killed in the suicide blast at the Imambargah Qasr-e-Shabbir in Dhoke Syedan were attended by thousands of people here on Thursday.

The victims, including Mushtaq Hussain Shah, Syed Aoun Ali, Syed Shaikh-ul-Hasan, Zia Hussain Shah, Tanvir Hussain Shah, Muhammad Nadeem, Kamran Shah, Muhammad Nawaz, Zia Subhani, Ghazanfar Ali, Haider, Muhammad Saqlain, Mohsin Ali, Rizwan Hussain, Bilal Shah and Muhammad Tauseef, were later buried in the Dhoke Syedan graveyard.

The funeral prayers were led by Syed Mohsin Mufti. A large number of Azadars, local political leadership, government officials and police officials attended the funeral prayers. The participants condemned the suicide attack incidents and demanded of the government to immediately arrest the culprits otherwise it would create panic and fear among the people.

A contingent of more than 3,000 policemen and Rangers, led by City Police Officer (CPO) Azhar Hameed Khokhar, cordoned off the whole area when people were offering funeral prayers. They barricaded all roads leading to Misrial and banned traffic movement. The security officials checked all participants of the funeral prayers by metal detectors. The security officials arrested some suspicious elements from Dhoke Syedan.

The mourners were seen wailing and consoling one another. Some of them, particularly women, fell unconscious to see the dead bodies of their dear ones. Shopkeepers closed down their business activities at the Misrial Road and its adjoining localities on Thursday.

“I was in my shop when I heard the blast last night. It knocked me down. I could not restore my senses for a few moments. Somehow I gathered strength and ran for shelter,” Zulfiqar Ahmed Qureshi, a shopkeeper at Dhoke Syedan Chowk, told ‘The News’ on Thursday.

Sakina Bibi, sister of Mushtaq Hussain Shah, a victim of the suicide blast, in tears said: “We were all together last night but today I am alone without my brother. I cannot live without my brother.”

Raja Muhammad Mushtaq, a resident of Misrial Road near Imambargah Qasr-e-Shabbir, said that the blast terrified him. “For sometime, I was unable to move,” he said.

Mehboob Ahmed, a resident of Dhoke Syedan, said that the suicide attackers could hit any place. He questioned why the government was not evolving a foolproof strategy to get rid of terrorists. Another participant of the funeral prayers, Imtiaz Hussain Shah, said that suicide attacks had become the order of the day and innocent people were dying, but the government was not doing enough.Muhammad Zia, a government employee, said no place was secure.

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