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UAE to try 94 nationals on alleged coup d'etat plans


DUBAI, (Xinhua): The Gulf state's security forces have arrested 94 Emirati nationals in recent roundups and will try them on an alleged plot of toppling the state's government, said the general attorney of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Sunday, according to the official news agency WAM.

Ali Salim Al-Tenaji gave the statement in conjunction with recent announcements by the UAE which accused a "group" of Emirati nationals and foreigners of conspiring against the Gulf state.

The group's conspiracy was intended to topple the Gulf state's leadership and to establish an Islamic republic, the UAE government said.

The UAE said it arrested about 60 people in 2012, accusing them of having links to the Gulf region's secret Muslim Brotherhood cell.

On Dec. 27, 2012, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the major oil suppliers and key allies of the United States and Britain, said that a joint security forces operation busted an alleged "terror cell" in both countries without giving further details about where the operation took place.

In September last year, Dubai Police Chief Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim said that the Muslim Brotherhood was a bigger threat to the Gulf Arab monarchies than the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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