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UK: Muslims seek assurances on halal products


London, (The Muslim News):

Muslims need more assurance about halal products following pork contaminated halal food being given to Muslim prisoners, says The Muslim News Editor, Ahmed J Versi.

“The Food Standards Agency seems has not been stringent enough,” Versi said. “This is not the first time pork contaminated halal food has been given to Muslim inmates in prison.”

In a series of TV and radio interviews, The Muslim News has demanded that the name of the supplier is published so that Muslims know which products may be contaminated. Only the distributors, 3663, which supplied the contaminated halal food to prisons has so far been named.

“There may be contaminated food distributed by other distributors from the same suppliers. Muslims need to be reassured by the FSA that the food distributed by the same suppliers through other distributors will be withdrawn too and investigated,” Versi said.

Food distributor 3663, which has 23 depots and 4 regional distribution centres in the UK, include hospitals, schools, care homes, hotels and cafes among its many clients and fears are that contaminated halal food products may have also been supplied to other outlets.

“The FSA has to win the trust of the general Muslim community on this. The FSA has to give extra reassurance that they will now be more vigilant on monitoring halal products to ensure they are halal.,” Versi said.

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