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India: PM Cameron seeks to forge special relationship with India


NEW DELHI, (Xinhua): Visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday said Britain can forge a "special relationship" with India whose "rise is going to be one of the great phenomena of the century."

"I want Britain and India to have a special relationship... this is a relationship about the future, not the past. As far as I am concerned, sky is the limit, it's about business, economy and trade. But it is also about culture, politics, diplomacy. India is going to be one of the leading nations in this century and we will be partners," Cameron said in Mumbai.

Stating that the enormous growth of India is going to make it the third largest economy by 2030, the British prime minister added, "India's rise is going to be one of the great phenomena of this century and it is incredibly impressive to see. Britain wants to be your partner of choice. We've only just started on the sort of partnership that we could build."

Cameron, who arrived in Mumbai this morning on a 3-day tour of India, is leading what is claimed to be the largest trade delegation taken on an overseas trip by a UK premier till date.

Asserting that 1.5 million people of Indian origin live in Britain, he said that his 100-member business delegation includes Indian businesses and parliamentarians of Indian origin.

"The business relationship between the two nations is already strong with Britain being the biggest European investor here. Half of Indian investments in Europe is in the UK. We see the power and the growth of your economy and we see amazing opportunities," he said.

The British prime minister also said that he wanted the use of British expertise to develop a "business corridor" between Mumbai and the southern Indian city of Bangalore, which may spruce up investments worth up to 25 billion U.S. dollars.

"With me I've got architects, planners and finance experts who can work out the complete solution. It would unleash India's potential along the 1,000 km stretch from Mumbai to Bangalore, transforming lives and putting British businesses in prime position to secure valuable commercial deals," he added.

Cameron will have a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Tuesday in the national capital.

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