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Japan: 6 die in snow storms in Hokkaido


TOKYO, (Xinhua): Severe snow storms hit Japan's northeastern Tohoku region and Hokkaido and left six people dead over the weekend due to the extreme weather, local media reported Sunday.

In Hokkaido's Nakashibetsu, a woman and her three children were confirmed dead at a hospital Saturday night, believing to have died of carbon monoxide poisoning as exhaust pipe and windows of their car were blocked by snow, Japan's Kyodo News Agency quoted local police as saying.

Also in Nakashibetsu on Sunday, a part-time worker was found collapsed in farmland and confirmed dead, local police said, adding she left her car behind about 300 meter away.

Meanwhile in Yubetsu, a 53-year-old man died and his daughter survived after their car was buried in snow on their way to a friend of the man, according to Kyodo.

Caused by a strong low pressure system, Japan's northeastern Tohoku region and Hokkaido saw severe snow storms this weekend.

Japan's Meteorological Agency also issued snow storm advisories in the area on the extreme weather, which also caused the derailment of a bullet train Saturday evening in Japan's Akita Prefecture. No one was injured in the accident.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday ordered Keiji Furuya, state minister for disaster management, to check on the damage and to restore transport systems and provide information to local residents.

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