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China: 30 injured in Yunnan Province quake


KUNMING, (Xinhua): Thirty people have been confirmed injured, including three seriously, after a 5.5-magnitude earthquake hit southwest China's Yunnan Province on Sunday afternoon.

Some 12,000 people have also been evacuated, said the provincial Civil Affairs Department.

The quake hit Eryuan County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture at 1:41 p.m.. The epicenter was in Xishan Township with a depth of 9 km.

Latest statistics showed 92,000 residents were affected by the quake, while 83,434 houses were damaged and 1,781 others collapsed. Infrastructure including schools, transportation and communications systems, water and power lines was damaged to various degrees.

The Yunnan provincial government initiated a grade-III emergency response earlier and later upgraded it to grade-II.

The Civil Affairs Department said 3,000 tents, 7,000 cotton quilts and 7,000 coats were being sent to the quake-hit area.

A quake relief team consisting of more than 400 policemen, fire fighters and soldiers has been dispatched.

Some 34 aftershocks have been recorded after the quake.

In history, 19 earthquakes of magnitude 5 or above occurred within a 50-km radius of the epicenter.

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