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Libya's TV channel attacked, 4 kidnapped


TRIPOLI, (Xinhua): Unknown gunmen stormed the building of al-Assema TV channel in Libya Thursday afternoon, leaving four people kidnapped, witnesses told Xinhua.

Hundreds of unknown gunmen attacked the building in Gorji area, near downtown Tripoli, leaving material damages, Rajab Ben Gazi, a witness, told Xinhua.

Four people, including the channel manager Juma Usata, were abducted, the witness said, adding that the attackers branded Usata a loyalist of Mummar Gaddafi and accused the TV channel of affiliating to the National Forces Alliance led by Mahmoud Jibril.

Security forces have tightened security measures in the area and started to assess the damages.

Mahmoud Sharkisi, another hostage, has been released, saying the gunmen treated him respectfully.

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