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Lebanon: Nine Syrians killed when bus overturns in Lebanon


At least nine Syrians were killed and 29 injured when a bus they were traveling in from Syria overturned in the mountains in central Lebanon Friday, the Lebanese Red Cross said in a statement.

The bus was headed to Beirut, when the accident occurred in the Kahaleh region of the Aley district in Mount Lebanon.

George Kettaneh, operations director for the Lebanese Red Cross, said eight people died in the accident, including women and children. One person has since succumbed to their wounds.

Kettaneh said it was unclear why the bus overturned. Also, it was not immediately known whether the Syrians where refugees fleeing the violence in their country, or if they were laborers.

The bus had Syrian license plates from the northeastern Hassakeh province, which recently witnessed heavy clashes.

The UN says there are now 360,000 registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon. But several hundred thousand Syrians also work as day laborers in the country.

(AP, NNA, Al-Akhbar)

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