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Egypt: Protesters, police clash outside Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Cairo


CAIRO, (Xinhua): Clashes erupted between protesters and security forces outside the headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Mouqatam district, near central Egypt's capital Cairo, state-run Ahram online reported Sunday.

Dozens of protesters hurled rocks at the security forces guarding the MB headquarters, who responded with teargas to disperse them.

The report added that the security forces had intensified their presence in the area to prevent any attempt by the protesters to break into the building.

On Saturday, TV footage showed an opposition activist being covered in blood and some reporters and photographers being assaulted -- allegedly done by members of the MB, the camp of new Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Infuriated by the attacks, Egypt's Journalist Syndicate on Sunday organized a sit-in and filed a report to the general prosecutor.

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