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Nigeria: Dozens feared killed in Kano motor park blast


KANO, (Xinhua): A suicide car bomber detonated himself in Nigeria's northern city of Kano on Monday, with dozens of people feared dead in the attack, local residents and military spokesperson told Xinhua.

State Chairman for the Ohanaeze Ndigbo group Tobias Idika said up to 60 persons were killed and five luxury buses were burnt to ashes.

Idika said the entire bus went up in flame with many of the victims inside the vehicle.

The bomb went off when a Lagos-bound luxury bus, loaded with passengers, was about to leave the park, Idika said.

But the Joint Security Task Force (JTF) spokesman, Captain Ikedichi Iweha, said he would not rush to release casualty figures.

A security source told Xinhua a suicide bomber, who had positioned their Golf car, primed with explosives between a Gobison Luxury bus and another vehicle before detonating the explosives the moment the driver of the bus was about to move.

Some of the injured victims had amputated arms and limbs, resulting from the severe impact of the explosions.

The scene of the blast was cordoned off by JTF men to pave way for the evacuation of both the injured and the slain victims, who were taken to the Murtala Muhammad Specialist Mortuary.

Frequent attacks have been recorded in Kano State, a highly populated city in Nigeria. No group has so far claimed responsibility for the blast

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