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UK: Rejoicing healthy lives by promoting water cooperation


London, (Musilm Aid):

Muslim Aid today endorsed the theme for this year’s World Water Day on water cooperation.

A spokesperson for Muslim Aid said, ‘’Management of water resources has always been high on the development agenda of countries but little attention has been given to global cooperation in this area to avoid man-made disasters such as draughts, famines and floods.

Availability of fresh water resources is not only essential for healthy living, it is also necessary for sustainable agriculture, fisheries, livestock, horticulture and reforestation.

An ever increasing dependence on the present resources of fresh water without ensuring that these continue to meet the demand of present and future generations can lead to serious problems resulting in destabilisation, conflicts and humanitarian disasters.

Muslim Aid believes that while governments have responsibility to build dams, manage national fresh water resources and invest in new water technologies, the NGOS also have a role to play in creating awareness about water hygiene, conservation and management at grassroots level where they are more effective and close to people.’’

Delivery of clean water is a fundamental part of Muslim Aid’s emergency relief and long-term development projects.

Through its dig a well programme, Muslim Aid has delivered fresh water to thousands of beneficiaries in many countries. MA has also built latrines in remote villages where sewage is not available. It has also provided education and training in sanitation awareness to promote an understanding about hygiene and water conservation.

Some of the highlights of Muslim Aid’s projects implemented in 2012 include: construction of a sewage network in south Gaza Strip with Oxfam which benefits 8000 households, installation of a water tank for 70 families in Iraq, excavation of a well for 80 families in Lebanon, implementation of a water project in Cambodia benefitting over 700 people, completion of 102 wells for war-affected families in Bangladesh, a hand washing day event in Mianwali district of Pakistan and workshops in Aceh region of Sumatra in Indonesia to discuss ways to adapt to water related disasters and climate change.

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