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Russia to boost anti-terror cooperation with Islamic nations


MOSCOW, (Xinhuanet) -- Russia will continue strengthening its cooperation with Islamic countries against terrorism, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Yakovenko said on Friday.

Yakovenko said in a statement that Russia is a partner and ally of the Islamic countries in the combat against terrorism. It will continue to boost the cooperation with the nations.

The decision of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)to grant an observer status to Russia on Thursday will promote relations between Russia and Islamic countries. The cooperation between Russia and the OIC will be helpful to solve major international issues, Yakovenko said.

Russia expressed gratitude toward the OIC for its concerns over educational development in the Russian republic of Chechnya, and hopes the organization will send observers to monitor parliamentary elections in the republic this year, he added.

The OIC was founded in May 1970 and has 57 members now.

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