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Two racist attacks on tandoori restaurant


By Roland Hughes

Daily Post and icnorthwales:

POLICE were last night investigating racist attacks on an Indian restaurant in North Wales.

Staff at the Daud Tandoori in Llandudno arrived at work on Sunday to find racist graffiti all over one window.

The graffiti urged the restaurant owner to "go home", calling him a "little Paki".

The sickening attack comes only days after a window was smashed and paint thrown at the Clarence Hotel on Gloddaeth Street, which houses the restaurant.

Writing appeared overnight between Saturday and Sunday and was reported to police.

Daud Tandoori manager Ash Mushtaq said: "It is really offensive. I am a respectable businessman, and for some reason they broke the window and threw paint around, and now there is this.

"The graffiti said something like 'Go back to your own country you little Paki'. It was personal. It is going just for me.

"It is a pure kind of racial discrimination. I have traded in Rhyl and Llandudno and never seen anything like this before.

"It is really, really disappointing, and I can't really under-stand it. You work all your life in a peaceful manner and all of a sudden, you get this."

Mr Mushtaq, 35, also owns the Neel Akash Indian restaurant in Rhyl and opened the Daud Tandoori last year.

He added: "When I saw the window had been smashed, I didn't really know what had happened. I thought it might be because we were a new restaurant.

"But now, with this graffiti, I have changed my mind. It must be because of my skin colour. I can't think of anybody I have upset at all. It is disgusting racism." The offensive graffiti was later removed.

Last year, graffiti urging people to vote for the British National Party appeared at a housing estate in Sealand, Flintshire.

The latest attack comes as figures reveal race hate crime more than trebled in the wake of the London bombings.

From July 7-28, 64 such crimes were recorded compared to 20 the year before. Community leaders appealed for calm.

A spokesman for North Wales Police said investigations into the Llandudno attacks were ongoing and urged witnesses to come forward. The offenders could be charged with criminal damage and racist or offensive behaviour.

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