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London bomber for avenging brother's death


London, The Muslim News OnLine:

Intelligence officers have told the Sunday Express (August 28) that the July 7 alleged ringleader bomber, Mohammed Siddique Khan, was taking a revenge for the death of his brother in Afghanistan.

Khan's brother was killed fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan following the invasion by the US and UK forces.

The paper were told: "We believe his hatred for the West was fuelled by the death of his brother and had been brewing for some time."

It is an important indication that the London bombers were driven, not by by, what Prime Minister, Tony Blair, said, twisted version of Islam.

In yet another leak by the government, this time to the Observer (earlier it was to The Sunday Times), a letter dated May 18, 2004, from the Foreign Office Permanent Secretary Michael Jay to Cabinet Secretary Sir Andrew Turnbull, which said that Britain's foreign policy in the Middle East was ``a key driver'' for the recruitment of extremists. In the letter, Jay wrote that a ``recurring theme'' of extremism in Britain's Muslim community was ``the issue of British foreign policy, especially in the context of the middle east peace process and Iraq.''

Blair's government has been in denial that the July 7 London bombings on three underground trains and a bus, which killed 52 people, were related to Britain's support for the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

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