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Muslim organisations raise money to help Gujarat riot victims


Ahmedabad, PTI:

Disappointed by Gujarat government's attitude towards rehabilitation of violence-affected people belonging to the minority community, Muslim organisations have embarked upon a plan to raise money for solving their problems.

Islamic Relief Committee (IRC) and Jammait Ulemae Hind (JUH) are raising funds for rehabilitation of the people belonging to the minority community, Nasirbhai Sheikh and Junaid Sheikh of the Refugee Rehabilitation Committee (RRC) said here today.

IRC and JUH, they told PTI, were funding 15 to 20 projects for repair of damaged houses. However, RRC was unable to say how much money has so far been raised and the exact amount spent on relief work by the two organisations.

At present, the groups were only extending financial assistance for repair of houses but plan to sponsor new construction projects in future, they added.

Junaid Sheikh, meanwhile, alleged following forcible closure of relief camps, around 20,000 people are on roads.

The state government was not providing them food supplies or cash doles, he said adding, some social service organisations, like Aman Pathik, St Xaviers' Social Service and Sanchetna, were, however, extending help to the people.

Sheikh said despite many relief camps having been declared as closed, people preferred to put up at the same places braving heat, humidity and rains.

"Though they have been declared closed, people are still living at many relief camps which include Sundramnagar, Aman Chowk, Bakrashah Roza...".

Hindustan Times

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