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Hinud leader says Gujarat massacre was a "successful experiment"


London, The Council of Indian Muslims:

The Council of Indian Muslims - UK (CIM) has strongly condemned the threat by VHP's President Ashok Singhal, reported by the Indian press yesterday, in which he described the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat as a "successful experiment" and warned to repeat it in other parts of the country.

"No one should be in any doubt about the danger this man and his fascist gang pose to the security and integrity of India. He must be put behind bars and his organisation must be banned without further delay". CIM's Chairman Mr Munaf Zeena said in a statement today.

"Someone who condones rapes, murders and plunders and feels proud of it is definitely a sick person and strong precautionary measures must be taken to save the society from his evil. One wonders how do his supporters, specially the women, feel when he owns such evil acts and describes them as his achievements!" Zeena said. Zeena also said that only an stern action against Singhal and the VHP will prove how sincere was Prime Minister Vajpayee, when he told the riot victims of Gujarat that he was "ashamed" of what had happened to them and how honest was the Deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani when he said, in London, that the Gujarat carnage was "indefensible".

Zeena also urged the British Government to declare the UK VHP as a terrorist organisation and proscribe it because "The leaders of UK VHP have, at no point, disassociated themselves from acts of terrorism of their mentors in India. Far from this they continue to support the Indian VHP and have been making inflammatory speeches in the UK."

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