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Islamic Assn for Palestine expresses solidarity with US for the tragic loss 9/11


Chicago - (IAP News): The Islamic Association For Palestine (IAP) would like to express its solidarity with our nation over the tragic loss of human life one year ago today.

We were one of the first organizations to issue a statement of condemnation over the terror attacks shortly after they happened. As Palestinian Americans, we know how you feel as our people too are fighting a war on terror on a daily basis which has lefts thousands of our people dead, ruined the Palestinian economy and left the Palestinian people without little hope for the future.

As America re-lives the horrors of its ground-zero today, please remember that the Palestinian people have been experiencing the horrors of their ground zero for decades.

Like you, the Palestinian people wish for a world of peace and justice. Let us work together to make it a reality.

Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)

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