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Issue 286, Friday 22 February 2013 - 12 Rabi' al-Akhar 1434

(Top) Tory Rehman Chishti is the only Muslim MP to vote against the Bill. (Inset right) Labourís, Khalid Mahmood & Yasmin Qureshi did not vote. (Bottom L-R) Labourís, Anas Sarwar, Rushnara Ali, Shabana Mahmood, Sadiq Khan and the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Sajid Javid all voted in favour of the Bill


Same sex marriage - a dangerous slippery slope

Can of worms in food chain

US initiative needed to resolve Iran dispute

Top stories

Most Muslim MPs back same sex marriage Bill

NYPD spying on Muslims violates rules, say civil rights lawyers

Home news

Muslims seek assurances Halal food being contaminated by pork

Blackburn based Muslim high school tops league table

David Ward censured for criticising Israeli treatment of Palestinians

G8 urged to ensure enough food for everyone

World News

Footballer flashing ĎAllah is Greatí T-shirt escapes punishment

Comment: Normalisation between Iran and US only way out on nuclear impasse

Comment: Economic interests overshadow quest for justice in Gujarat

54 countries colluded with US in kidnapping, torture and illegal detention of Muslim terror suspects

US forces responsible for deaths of hundreds of Afghan children, says report

Kiwi MP apologises after calling for young Muslim to be banned from flights

Islamophobia & Discrimination

Outspoken atheist scholar makes ĎIslamic barbariansí remark on twitter

Only 1 in 14 professors are from BME

Legal Corner: Manager wrongfully demoted for Facebook comments

Tory Councillor suspended over Facebook comments

French mosque vandalised with anti-Islam graffiti

Muslim prayers left Brighton councillors concerned and baffled

Pret A Manger forced to withdraw Virgin Mary crisps

Brief Islamophobia USA


Amazing awards shortlisted people

Using photos of pig permissible

Mali military adventure

Agent provocateurs in mosques

Regular columns

Health and Science

Environment: Renewables: A simple solution?

Book Review: Cultural melting pot: story of an Asian football casual

Poets' Corner: Like nobody else babe


Brief Sport




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