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Issue 286, Friday 22 February 2013 - 12 Rabi' al-Akhar 1434

Pret A Manger forced to withdraw Virgin Mary crisps

Coffee and sandwich chain Pret A Manger has withdrawn its Virgin Mary brand of crisps after a flood of complaints.

The coffee-shop made the costly decision to pull the brand after campaigners on the Protect the Pope website pointed out the offensive crisps branding to its members.

The Protect the Pope says Pret a Manger has “apologised for any unintentional offence they have caused and have indicted that they will give any unsold crisps to the homeless”.

Deacon Nick Donnelly, says: “Clive Schlee (Pret CEO) has admitted to a reader of Protect the Pope that taking this brand of crisps off their shelves will cost them quite a bit of money but ‘good businesses listen and react quickly’”.

Keith Beech, a spokesman for Pret, confirmed that CEO Clive Schlee spoke with an organiser of the the Catholic charity group, apologised for any offence, and agreed to withdraw the brand of spicy tomato crisps.

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