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London bombings not linked to Al-Qa'idah, says UK intelligence


London, IRNA:

The UK's parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) confirmed Thursday that police have not uncovered any evidence of direct links between last year's terrorist bombings in London and the Al-Qaeda network.

The all-party group of MPs, which reports directly to the prime minister, said that the terrorist attacks did not reveal any failure of the intelligence services in preventing the series of bombings but suggested increased resources may have helped.

The coordinated attacks on London's transport system last July, which killed 52 people, have been blamed on four "home-grown" suicide bombers.

In a report on related intelligence matters, the ISC suggested that the bombers were inspired by Osama bin Laden's ideology but not directed by a terrorist network. There was also no evidence of a "'fifth man."
The publication coincided with the later release of a 40-page narrative of events by the Home Office, which was expected to highlight the "home-grown" nature of the bombers and acknowledge that foreign policy was an element in their radicalization.

The ISC expressed concern that more was not done sooner to tackle the development of "the home-grown threat" and said that the "radicalization of British citizens" was still not fully understood or properly taken into consideration by the intelligence community." Despite the release of the two official reports, the Muslim Council of Britain was expected to renew its call for a full public inquiry into the July 7 bombings, warning that lessons cannot be learned until all the facts are known.

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