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Thursday, 18 April, 2024, 03:22 GMT

Did you know The Muslim News....?

  • Provides objective news and views of Muslims in the U K. 
  • Began publishing in February 1989, and is the oldest and most well established and respected Muslim newspaper in the UK.
  • The only independent monthly Muslim newspaper in the UK which is neither backed by any country nor by any organisation or party.
  • Is renowned for its objectivity and authenticity of its news, and is the most authoritative commentator on British muslim affairs
  • Is the most consulted paper in the UK on Muslim domestic and international issues by various media, institutions and researchers - both Muslim and non-Muslim.
  • Has been one of the pioneers of recognising the Muslim community as a faith group; it has campaigned for a British Muslim identity.
  • Ethnic readership is dynamic and diverse; South Asian (Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Kashmiri and Indian), Indonesian, Malaysian, Turkish, Turkish-Cypriot, Iranian,  Arab, African, Afro-Caribbean and other ethnic minorities. Our readership is mainly the second and third generation Muslims but also targets first generation. 
  • Highlights human rights abuses against British Muslims.
  • Organizes the prestigious annual 'The Muslim News Awards for Excellence' event to acknowledge British Muslim contribution to society and celebrate excellence in the Muslim community. It highlights the achievements in the Muslim community. It is also intended that by identifying Muslim achievers and success stories around the UK, we will go some way towards providing the much needed positive role models for our younger generation, and towards countering the misconceptions and prejudice that, more often than not, surround Muslim community representation in the media.
  • Editor of the Muslim News Ahmed J Versi, founded the UK Muslim Women's Sport in 2001 and later founded Muslim Women Sport Foundation. In 2001 and 2005, The Muslim News organized teams to participate in the International Islamic Women's Games. Editor of the Muslim News, Ahmed J Versi, was executive committee member of the International Islamic Women's Games, in charge of non-Muslim countries during 2001-2005.
  • Website, updated several times a day, gets up to 1.5 million hits a month.
  • Reports on what the non-Muslim media do not report. It is pro-active and sets the vision for the Muslim community.
  • In its 23 years of publication, has highlighted some of the media's and establishment’s institutionalised Islamophobia on various issues - political (both domestic & international), education, employment & religion.

So why not subscribe now to be abreast of the news & views of the Muslims?

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