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Hajj experiences

We’d like you to share your experiences during the Hajj with the rest of the community. It can be in the form of diary or article.

We would also like to hear from you on difficulties in getting visas for Hajj, those who succeeded in getting the visas and those who did not.

Comments received:

I want to know the time that hajj people take off
Musa adebayo, Kwara state, Nigeria

the saudi kingdom could make number of improvements, one of those is to provide uniforms for the security staff in makkah. so they are clearly , easily, indentifyible, as the kabba security. black ? white uniforms, with badge, kabba securty.
if it is possible they should not b obstructing , or distracting people when they perform salaat.
the camera's should b sufficent as evidence, if any problems occur.
umar, luton, United Kingdom

Assalaamualaikum. Performed Hajj 2 yrs back.Marvellous moments . Can't describe the superb feeling u have a the first sight of Kaaba or during Arafaat. Allah seems to be so so close to us during these places. Yet people go to holidays on other countries instead of doing Hajj.. Yeah, we face difficulties during Hajj but how could it be otherwise with more than 3 millions persons at the same place.. Take care brothers n c u later
Mohammad, P/Louis, Mauritius

salam,i have been honoured to perform the HAJJ last year,but fell sorry to say its no more holy city,its luxary city,with malls,shopping centre,luxary apt,and many more things that lure youth to spend more time in this area than to perform hajj retual,all his luxuries things just a wall away from HOLY KABAH,people dont get place to pray namaz ,that we have to pray namaz on mall stairs,this is all to move away youth from performng hajj and give more revenue to saudi govt, pls pass my mes to other
mohmedali, dar es salam, Tanzania

Oh come on Maalash. There's a world of difference between remembering sunny days on the beach and spending your time praying about "the darkness of the West" Your so het up about this because Steve makes a valid point which requires a thoughtful answer. Namely - why would any sane person choose to live in a culture where they are not comfortable rather than one where they are? Also I notice he only prayed for the Umah. The rest of Britain didn't get a look in. So just who are the racists here?
gunhilde, York, United Kingdom

This is in response to DAFT Steve from Ipswich. What a racist thing to say "Amin So why didn't you stay there?" Most people when go on holidays often return with similar sentiments be it Spain, the Caribbean or the Hajj. But racist BNP scums like you wouldn't understand this unless your likes come off the dole get a decent job and save enough to travel overseas. It may jst stretch yr narrow single cell mind. Britain is also home for us and if scums like cannot hack it, immigrate to Polland.
Maalash Al Assiri, London, United Kingdom

Our friends used to go to nightclubs and drink alchohol, we planned to another country for christmas/new year to mess about, until one friend said lets go to haj, everyone thought thats not exactly a holiday, but nobody could say it, that friend suddenly made everything happen, booked our tickets and we went (everyone was reluctant astagfirullah), after what we saw at arafat we thought THIS IS REALLIFE, we came back started salah and walahi never even WANTED to go nightclubs, or drink ever again
salim khan, london, United Kingdom

ok this is to manzooral Haq, no one wants to knw about your hotel experience!! Obvioulsy u went to such a holy scared place and yet you was the unforunate one to come back empty handed, With out understanding the true meaning of hajj!! Hajj is not a holiday!
Rumana, London, United Kingdom

What a lovely picture you paint,
Amin. So why didn't you stay there?
Steve, Ipswich, United Kingdom

We just did the haj, it was a marvellous experience to see the muslims from all creeds, colours, states all united in the only true faith. This was a place you need'nt worry about ingredients in your food, missing salaat, women covering their hair, or the bbc or the US president. We prayed for the ummah, in iraq, afganistan, pakistan, palestine, and the reverts who have seen the light. We prayed for muslim leaders who need to see the light from the darkness of the secularism and the west.
Amin, Blackburn, United Kingdom

At dusty old Holly Days Hotel, Makkah we found,this place must have been shut for a long time,cockroaches infested floors, dusty beds,torn curtains,dirty toilets,no chairs.I complained this is not acceptable, Mr.Faisal (local Agent LA)said “I have given you the best rooms in the hotel and I'll try to move you to another place.”My daughter and 6-years old son started coughing and fever.None resolved to ease but Mr.Ismail moved us to BakkaHotel in a small room with noisy AC.What disregard?
Manzoorul Haq, London, United Kingdom

Alhamdolillah I had done my Hajj pilgrimage on Dec 2008, it was fabulous, tremendous and marvelous moment for me. I enabled to perfom it completely Alhamdolillah, met many friends around the world, and learned Islam & Al-Quran from many teachers I met there. I enabled to sleepover in Masjid Al Haram for 3 nights, I felt so grateful for such a blessing that Allah had given to me. When I walked around the Ka'bah, I felt so small among million of people, then I felt Allah is the greatest.
Ary Iswantary Azies, Taliwang - Sumbawa Island, Indonesia

Dear Moslems,we all want to go for Hajj but poverty in our country and lack of employment can't allow us from doing so. therefore i request if there is any gifted person help us. Allah bless you.

Assalam Alaikum, geting visa is quite hard because of several problems like lack of money which enables you to defferent offices any many other promblems.

I performed Ummrah a few years ago
finding the experience totally spiritually uplifting. I felt at one with my fellow muslims. The sight of seeing the Holy Kaaba and performing the islamic rituals
I shall remember. I found no difficulties in obtaining the visa, I travelled at less busy
times,performed two ummrahs, found the local ammenities good.
But I believe one should be moderately physically fit so as not to struggle with the heat or exhaustion.
nadim azam, Wembley, United Kingdom

Alhamdulillah, I had a fantastic time during Hajj and felt that everything went as well as it possibly could. The Saudi authorities did a tremendous job managing more than 3 million pilgrims all descending upon ?Makkah, Mina, Arafat at the same time. We were very priveledged to have Dr Bilaal Philips with us on Hajj.
My only gripe is that the prices, especially for hotels, more than quadruple during the Hajj period, which then means that it is too expensive for potential pilgrims.
Nadeem Shameem, Doha, Qatar

The Kingdom of Saudi should aware the CORRUPTION practiced in their Mission throughout the world in getting Visas either for Hajj @ Umra.The Immigration Official at the Airport are TERRIBLE, ARROGANT & STUBBORN. The Govt should do something to improve the services.Being a Muslim , I felt so embarassed with this kind of practised compared with the European (Kuffar) authorities. Go to Scandinavian countries, the Authorites are very HONEST & SINCERE. Where,s the ISLAMIC VALUES IN THE HOLY LAND?
aziz mohamad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I felt in my Hajj that it is one man’s journey into Allah’s (swt) Domain in an earthly time. My way, thousands of miles, to and from the Holy Kaaba was a test of will, an act of sacrifice, a unique way of worship to Allah (swt). My stay in Mount Rahma with millions of pilgrims all in white Ihram was a brief pause, bordering on the eternal and final, from the drabness of daily living. I traveled that far not merely to seek favors from Allah (swt) but to ask for forgiveness and offer thanks.
Abdel Aziz Dimapunong, Manila, Philippines

Based on my experience, the easiest way to get a visa for Hajj or visitor's visa is to use your Saudi friend as a sponsor. He could be a classmate somewhere, a business associate, a client, or even a friend of your friend. My first Hajj pilgrimage in 1997 started with a visitor's visa, so was my second Hajj in 1981. I had the same kind of visa in my third Hajj in 1986. In my experience, it is not difficult to get in touch even with high ranking Arab personalities if the subject is about Islam.
Abdel Aziz Dimapunong, Manila, Philippines

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