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Algeria: 14 Algerian opposition parties boycott new parliament


ALGIERS, (Xinhua): As many as 14 opposition parties in Algeria decided on Monday to boycott the works of the alleged " illegitimate" newly-elected parliament, claiming that they will neither recognize the parliament nor the future government.

According to a joint statement, the boycott group named their bloc as the Political Front for the Protection of Democracy.

The statement which was obtained by Xinhua said that "after the regime rigged the parliamentary elections of May 10, 2012 ... and after the regime displayed its will to monopolize power by using the state's institutions and means, the Political Front for the Protection of Democracy decided to reject the results of the May 10 elections and to neither recognize the parliament, nor the government that comes out of it."

The bloc also called upon "the political parties which believe in democracy and reject fraud to join this initiative to refuse dealing with the regime process, and to install a constituent assembly tasked with drafting a new constitution in order to form a national unity government."

Among the 14 opposition parties, seven didn't win any seat in the new parliament, while the other seven got all together 28 seats.

Two prominent opposition parties, the Workers' Party (17 seats) and the Front of Socialist Forces (21 seats) have not taken part in the meeting.

The May 10 elections witnessed that the ruling party National Liberation Front and its ally, the National Democratic Rally grabbed 291 out of the 462 seats.

Editor: Mu Xuequan

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